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Publication of Draft regulation respecting water withdrawals and water protection

Québec City, December 19, 2011 – Pierre Arcand, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, today announced the publication of the Draft regulation respecting water withdrawals and water protection. This regulation will ensure sound water management for the public and for ecosystems. “This draft regulation is important,” explained Minister Arcand, “because it allows us to complete the process that began with the 2009 adoption of the Act to affirm the collective nature of water resources and provide for increased water resource protection.”

The draft regulation lists the types of withdrawals that will be subject to the new authorization requirement introduced with the Act, along with the terms and conditions for issuing new or renewing existing withdrawal authorizations and the period of validity of such authorizations.

Along with this draft regulation, the Québec government has announced a number of measures it plans to implement to better protect drinking water resources. These measures are part of Québec Strategy for Drinking Water Conservation, which will also be submitted for public consultation.

Concerning groundwater withdrawals, the draft regulation essentially carries forward the requirements in force since 2002 under the Groundwater Catchment Regulation. For surface water withdrawals, municipalities will be newly required to report any risks to their drinking water sources. These changes reflect the high priority the government of Québec places on water, an essential resource for all living things.

“What’s notable with all this is that the Government of Québec is modernizing the tools at its disposal to ensure the public has access to clean water today and for years to come. This is an absolute priority for us,” added Minister Arcand.

The draft regulation can be viewed on the Ministry website.

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