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Plan Nord


Québec City, October 6, 2011. – Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks Pierre Arcand has announced that the information and consultation period on protecting 50% of the territory of the Plan Nord will be extended to November 11th. Three locations (Fermont, Matagami and Havre-Saint-Pierre) have been added to the list of public sessions.

“The consultation has elicited considerable interest and led to fruitful discussions with individuals, groups and organizations. It thus seemed opportune to me to extend the public consultation period to allow more people to actively participate. Our commitment to protecting the natural heritage is unprecedented in Québec’s history, and this is why I am inviting the entire population to contribute, whether they live in areas located on the territory of the Plan Nord or elsewhere in Québec,” Minister Arcand declared.

New Public Session Dates and Ways to Participate
The date of the public session in Fermont is October 17th. The public session dates planned for Matagami and Havre-Saint-Pierre will be announced shortly, along with the list of venues.

In the light of today’s announced extension, it is important to stress that in addition to attending the public sessions, people can participate in the consultation until November 11th by answering an online questionnaire or by submitting a brief. All public sessions will be broadcast live on the web, where video on demand of previous sessions can also be viewed.

Webcasting, as well as all relevant information including the Working Paper, quick reference cards, ways of participating and the schedule of public sessions, are available at the following address:

Plan Nord
The Plan Nord, unveiled on May 9, 2011, is one of the biggest economic, social and environmental projects ever launched in Québec. It will span 25 years and generate investments totalling over $80 billion. The Plan Nord will combine energy, mining, forest, agri-food, tourism and transportation development with environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. It will promote development for the benefit of the communities concerned, and for the whole of Québec, while ensuring respect for cultures and identities.

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